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Finlands first local forest programme completed alongside national heritage landscape.

The first local forest programme in Finland was completed in December 2007. The programme was created for the Koli and Hattusaari area in co-operation with local residents and experts. The area outlined for the local forest programme amounts to 11,375 hectares and it includes the Koli National Park in its entirety. The aim of the project was to examine the opportunities offered by forests for the development of rural economy and improved vitality.

Objectives related to commercial use of wood resources and energy wood:

  • Maintaining good productivity in forests.
  • Supporting the growing of quality wood.
  • Reducing damages caused by moose.
  • Increasing the harvesting and use of energy wood.

Objectives related to other values of forests:

  • Restoration and maintenance of footpaths outside the national park.
  • Implementing an extension to the Herajärvi Trail.
  • Opening scenic views at important sites.
  • Developing nature-based tourist services.
  • Developing the utilisation of the summer theatre venue and other places of cultural value.

Objectives related to employment:

  • Creating new jobs in the villages.


Short project description brochure in English 

Project description report in Finish with summary in English